Things to Consider when Deciding Whether to go to University

Years ago, most people would go to university if they go high enough qualifications. However, these days , in the UK, fees have to be paid as well as living expenses and it is much more expensive. It used to be possible to get a grant to cover all fees and help out with living expenses but nowadays a loan is needed. This means that it is more important to consider whether you want to go or not.


Firstly it is worth considering where you see your career going. Think about whether the degree you are choosing is leading you towards a specific career or whether you are just doing it because you think it will be fun and interesting. Consider that it is a step into a career and think about whether it will lead you in the direction that you want to do. If you are not sure of what career you want to do it is wise to try out a few jobs before you choose a degree course as you will then know whether you are moving in the right direction.


It is worth thinking whether you have timed your decision right. Obviously most people will choose to do a degree when they leave school or college. However, it may be better to wait. You may find that if you get a good job you can may be able to secure an apprenticeship which will pay for the degree. You may find that fees come down or that grants become available again in the future so you do not have to pay. You may find that better courses come along in the future. There are many possibilities but of course in the future courses may be dearer, loans may become less readily available and you may have a family to support so not be able to afford to study. Think through all the possibilities.

Gap Year?

It is also worth thinking about whether to do a gap year. This can be a great opportunity to travel or work and think hard about your future. Once you have a family you will not have the freedom to do this sort of thing and so it can be good to do it when you are young. Some people find that once they have done their gap year they decide not to go on to university after all.


The cost of university is a big factor for many people. Although you can get a loan to pay for fees as well as towards living expenses, there are many costs to think about. You will not only need to pay rent and food but also travel and study aids as well as bills. These can add up and you may not be able to afford them even if you work or your family may need you to start working straight away in order to help out financially.