Top Tips for Helping Your Child with Their Homework

When your child first starts getting homework it can be difficult for them to adjust. Although at primary school homework will be easy and often parents will work with the child to help them with reading or even do it for them when it comes to project work, secondary school is very different. Children are likely to have up to two hours of homework a night which is something that they will not be used to doing and will therefore need help.


It is good to find a time to encourage your children to work when they will be most able to do it. This could be straight after school for some children but others may need a rest, drinks and snack first. Some may prefer to work in the mornings or at the weekends. You know your children and will know when the best time will be for them to start work. Do make sure that you leave enough time though, so that they can get to bed on time still as if they have just started secondary, they will be tired.


It is important to find out when the homework is due in. Make sure that your child knows this so that they can get it completed on time. They will need to be able to put in a decent effort and so leaving it until the last minute can be a mistake and mean that they will not have time to do a quality piece of work.


It is really important for parents to be patient. At a time when children are in a new environment, extra tired and possibly with lots of hormones, it can be easy to fall out with them. Be understanding of their situation and gently help them to get their work done.


Some parents push their children to produce the best possible quality of work for their homework. Although it is nice for a teacher to see what the child is capable of, it is also worth bearing in mind how much time and effort this will take for the child. If you keep pushing them hard they could end up loathing homework time and finding it more of an effort than it needs to be. Encourage them to work hard but make sure that they are not spending hours longer than necessary.